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Community Venture Partners facilitates and assists community-based projects, programs and initiatives that demonstrate the highest principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability. CVP is committed to the need for a transparent, "bottom up" public process that incorporates under-served community voices into government decision-making.


Community Venture Partners, Inc. (CVP) is a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit corporation that offers technical and financial assistance, and educational programs for community organizations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and local municipalities.


Our goals are to effect positive social change through innovative approaches to community engagement. We believe that the community and those in need are best served by transparency and a bottom up approach government decision making.


Educate: CVP facilitates public meetings and educational presentations, and offers advisory services. CVP is also the publisher of the Marin Post, California's first citizen-journalist newsmagazine.


Advocate: CVP develops in-depth analysis, publishes research articles and studies, and pursues legal actions on issues benefiting the public's interests;


Demonstrate Solutions: CVP is actively working on a variety of projects (e.g., feeding Marin families, affordable housing, and online publishing) to demonstrate more sustainable solutions to growth and social equity challenges facing Marin communities.


CVP works collaboratively with these groups and NGOs, foundations, corporations, private donors and investors, and other stakeholders. Services provided by CVP are free of charge to qualified applicants. CVP continues to build its network of partners and collaborators who volunteer their time and expertise toward the organization’s charitable and educational purposes, and assist with CVP’s projects, programs and initiatives.






Professional services / Managing partner: Land development, multifamily residential development, and single family land development.


  • Property selection and evaluation, site inspection, financial proforma and feasibility analysis.


  • Coordination, preparation and review of legal, survey issues, title and partnership agreements, purchase, acquisition, contract negotiation and closing.


  • Partnership / LLC representation with local, state and federal government agencies.


  • Coordination of short term and long term financing, including bond sales, bridge financing and permanent funding commitments.


  • Hiring, coordination and management of engineers, soils and environmental studies, architects, surveyors and general contractors, property managers and other service providers (title companies, attorneys, etc.).


  • Bidding, bid coordination and contract coordination.


  • Construction management and oversight, cost accounting oversight, payments approvals, change orders, inspection walk-throughs, substantial completion and certificate of occupancy reviews.


  • Coordination with local building agencies, zoning and planning departments, and HUD field officers and housing agencies.


  • Monitoring of bonding, insurance, warranties, final cost certification and related items.


  • Construction monitoring, Clerk of the Works duties and reporting.


  • Coordination with property management entities and sales/marketing staff.


  • Marketing planning and implementation. 




  • ARAPAHOE, LTD. - Real estate development, Baltimore, MD

  • BENTON MORTGAGE COMPANY – Multifamily Coinsurer / mortgage, Knoxville, TN

  • BOSTON FINANCIAL GROUP - Tax Credit Syndication, Boston, MA

  • CITY OF VICTORIA, TEXAS - Affordable Housing Analysis

  • COLUMBIA SAVINGS - Savings and Loan, Denver, CO                                   

  • CONAM - Property management, Las Vegas, NV                 

  • COVIA CORPORATION / UA Airlines - Computer distributor, Denver, CO                                   

  • GOLD CROWN MANAGEMENT CO. - Property management, Denver, CO

  • GRAISTONE REALTY ADVISORS – Resolution Trust Corporation asset managers, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl            

  • MILLER & SCHROEDER FINANCIAL – Muni bond underwriters, Minneapolis, MN

  • PHILIPS DEVELOPMENT CORP. - Real estate development, Denver, CO

  • RHSW, LLC. – Property acquisitions and redevelopment, Denver, CO

  • RSF VENTURES, LLC - Real Estate Development, Denver, CO

  • THE BROE COMPANIES - Property management, San Diego, CA                                                     

  • THE ROSS GROUP - Property management, Denver, CO                                   

  • TIMBERLAND INVESTMENT CO. - Real estate development, Evergreen, CO

  • WEINSTOCK BELL - Real estate development, Los Angeles, CA






Chairman of the Castle Pines Development Company Homeowner's Association Design Review Board.  Chairman of the Regulations Subcommittee: revision of the Development Guide, Homeowner's Association Development Handbook and regulations. Castle Pines Village is a 1500 luxury home development with 2 PGA Championship Golf Courses, located 30 minutes southeast of Denver.


REHAB SYSTEMS, INC.: (1988–1991)


Rehab Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Tiburon Group, Inc., provided technical assistance in multifamily renovation to private developers and Public Housing Agencies.  The company's proprietary computer database and analysis software tools allowed users to better control the costs and the progress of complex substantial rehabilitation projects. Successfully implemented in the renovation of approximately 1,500 multifamily housing units under various HUD and FHA financing programs.  The software programs were specially written to interface and correlate HUD/FHA cost formats with AIA MasterSpec formats for the purposes of cost estimating. Services included scope of work analysis, construction cost estimating and preparation of construction documentation for bidding. 




Peak Financial, a subsidiary of Tiburon Group, Inc., provided mortgage consulting, financial underwriting and correspondence services on approximately $25,000,000 in FHA coinsured multifamily loans (221d4 and 223f).  Services consisted of underwriting proforma and feasibility, applications, structuring of loan fees and cash requirements, partnership coordination of the sale of GNMA bonds, lender communications, owner's representative in application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits, and tax credit syndication sales with Boston Financial and Paine Webber Financial.


LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE, SALES & MARKETING: (1984-2002): Residential single family home sales as listing brokers and buyers brokers, multifamily property acquisitions, land sales, subdivision sales and marketing. 

  • LA SALLE PARTNERS – Real estate asset management, Chicago, IL                 

  • LEINBACH COMPANY - Real estate development, Tulsa, OK

  • MASHBURN ENTERPRISES – Real estate development, Oklahoma City, OK

  • PACIFIC UNION VENTURES -  Real estate development, San Francisco, CA

  • PCA/ALLIANCE  - Property Company of America and General Capital Corporation, Tulsa, OK

  • STRIKER PETROLEUM CORP. – Land subdivision sales, Denver, CO

  • WESTCLIFF SEVEN, LTD. - Land Development, Denver, CO                 

  • WESTLAND PROPERTIES - Real estate development, Denver, CO



  • ARTHUR JANOV RESIDENCE (1976) - 1,500 SF addition, Beverly Hills, CA

  • ELKIND RESIDENCE (1982) - 10,000 SF custom residence, Cherry Hills Village, CO                 

  • JACK NICHOLSON RESIDENCE (1976) – Renovation, Beverly Hills, CA

  • KAREN BLACK RESIDENCE (1975) - 7,000 SF historic renovation, Hancock Park, CA

  • MARLON BRANDO RESIDENCE (1976) – Interior and property renovation, Beverly Hills, CA

  • MARTIN RESIDENCE (1981) - 2,000 SF addition, Evergreen, CO                                                                       

  • PHILLIPART RESIDENCE (1979) - 1,500 SF addition Evergreen, CO

  • ROBINSON RESIDENCE (1979) - 3,500 SF custom residence, Evergreen, CO

  • WEBSTER RESIDENCE (1980) - 4,500 SF custom residence, Evergreen, CO                  


ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN SERVICES: (1977-1994): Residential and commercial design, planning and development related services: public agency presentation, code and zoning analysis, land planning, site planning, construction cost analysis, architecture and interior design, bid coordination, contract negotiations and construction supervision.


ARCHITECTURE - SINGLE-FAMILY: (1975–1992): Architect of record / construction management; custom residences and renovations.


  • BENNETT RESIDENCE (1980) - 6,000 SF custom residence, Evergreen, CO

  • BLINDER RESIDENCE (1986-87) - 12,000 SF custom residence, Cherry Hills Village, CO   




  • EVERGREEN MEADOWS HOUSES (1978) - (2) 1,500 SF spec. residences, Evergreen, CO

  • FAY SHWAYDER RESIDENCE (1988-89) - 11,000 SF custom residence, Lakewood, CO 














  • GUN CLUB HOUSES (1980) - (2) 3,500 SF spec. residences, Aurora, CO

  • HAWKINS RESIDENCE (1979) - 5,200 SF custom residence, Evergreen, CO

  • JULIE PAYNE/TOWNE RESIDENCE (1977) 3,500 SF historic Rindge beach house renovation, Malibu, CA

  • KNOEBEL RESIDENCE (1986) - 5,500 SF addition, Cherry Hills Village, CO                                                      

  • LANIER RESIDENCE (1990-92) - 10,000 SF new construction, Denver, CO 















  • LAURITA RESIDENCE (1991-92) - 4,000 SF new construction, Evergreen, CO                                                  

  • PFISTER RESIDENCE (1986) - 5,000 SF custom residence, Larkspur, CO                                                         

  • SCOTT RESIDENCE (1978) - 4,200 SF custom residence, Evergreen, CO

  • WAHRMAN RESIDENCE (1989) - 1,800 SF addition, Los Angeles, CA                                                               

  • WARREN BEATTY RESIDENCE (1975-77) - 11,000 SF custom residence Beverly Hills, CA,  Project Architect / Construction manager under Tim Vreeland FAIA.

  • WELLS RESIDENCE (1983) - 5,500 SF custom residence, Cherry Hills Village, CO

  • WINN RESIDENCE (1987) - 3,500 SF renovation. Red Mountain, Aspen, CO 
















ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES - RESIDENTIAL: (1980-1993) Architecture, design and development consulting services to contractors and developers of single family and multifamily development.


  • CARINTHIA, R.D. – Custom homebuilder, Denver, CO                                                     

  • FIDELITY CASTLE PINES - Land developer, Denver, CO

  • HALLMARK HOMES – Custom homebuilder, Denver, CO

  • KUROWSKI DEVELOPMENT – Custom homebuilder, Denver, CO

  • LEXUS HOMES – Custom homebuilder, Denver, CO                                   

  • NELSON – Private residence, Tulsa, OK                                                                                         

  • NEWCASTLE CONSTRUCTION CO. – Custom homebuilder, Denver, CO                                   




  • AURORA EAST APARTMENTS (1987) - FHA Inspecting Architect, 125 Unit rehab, Aurora, CO

  • CITRUS VILLAS APARTMENTS (1988) - Consulting Architects, 35 Unit rehab, San Diego, CA

  • ELMWOOD/DEL MAR APTS (1989-92) - Architect /Partner, 96 Unit rehab, Aurora, CO.

  • FOX RUN APARTMENTS (1988-92) - Architect /Partner, 150 Unit rehab, Victoria, TX                 

  • INDIAN SPRINGS APARTMENTS (1986) - Construction Supervision,  400 Unit rehab, Tulsa, OK

  • LAFAYETTE ST. CONDOMINIUMS (1986) – Architect, new 32 luxury condo units, Denver, CO

  • MANOR HOUSE/NORTH TRACE APTS (1988) - Architect /Partner, 158 Unit rehab, Richland, WA

  • PEACH EMERALD MANOR APTS (1988) - Consulting Architects, 40 Unit rehab San Diego, CA                 

  • RENAISSANCE APARTMENTS (1989-92) - Architect, 100 Unit renovation, Austin, TX.                 

  • SIERRA POINTE APARTMENTS (1987-89) - Construction Mangmt., 160 Unit rehab, Las Vegas, NV.

  • SIERRA VISTA APARTMENTS (1986-87) - Architect, 209 Unit rehab, Denver, CO

  • SPRING HILL APARTMENTS (1988-92) - Architect/Partner, 127 Unit rehab, Casper, WY                 

  • WINDSOR COURT APARTMENTS (1987-88) – Architect,144 Unit rehab, Aurora, CO



  • BROADWAY WATER WORKS (1987) - Architect, Full service car wash, Denver, CO                 

  • MARINA POINTE (1986) - Architect 25,000 SF office building - Littleton, CO

  • THE PRIMAL INSTITUTE (1977) - Design/Build, Commercial renovation, Los Angeles, CA


  • ELMWOOD/DEL MAR APARTMENTS (1989) - 96 Unit substantial rehabilitation, Aurora, CO

  • FOX RUN APARTMENTS (1988) - 150 Unit substantial rehabilitation, Victoria, TX

  • SPRING HILL APARTMENTS (1988) - 127 Unit substantial rehabilitation, Casper, WY                 

  • SIERRA POINTE APARTMENTS (1987) - 160 Unit substantial rehabilitation, Las Vegas, NV


ADDITIONAL DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE:  Architectural design / project management:


  • DAY CARE CENTERS (1971) - (2) 5,000 SF Community Center Day Care Centers, New York, N.Y., Developed for the New York Department of Social Services, Project designer for Frank Williams and Associates, Architects, FAIA.

  • FORT GREEN PARK PLAYGROUND (1972) - Playground design for NYC Department of Parks & Recreation; Brooklyn, NY.

  • PLANTATION GREEN CONDOMINIUMS (1973) - 475 Unit condominium, new construction, Plantation, FL, Architectural Associate/Project Manager for Frank Williams & Associates, Architects, FAIA.

  • SUNRISE APARTMENTS (1974-75) - 375 Unit apartment - new construction, Sunrise, FL, Project Manager for Frank Williams & Associates, Architects, FAIA.

  • THE BEVERLY APARTMENTS (1979) - 40 Unit apartment renovation, Beverly Hills, CA, Project Manager for Tim Vreeland FAIA at Kamnitzer Marks Lappin & Vreeland, Architects.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL TASK FORCE & DOCUMENTARY WORKSHOP (1972) - City Planning Study for the City of Lockport, New York, in association with Lawrence Halprin & Associates and Hardy Holzman & Pfiefer Architects, New York City, NY.




  • Bachelor of Architecture (1971) - The Cooper Union School of Architecture, New York, N.Y.




  • Arthur Wolf Design Excellence Award (1967)

  • Graham Foundation of Chicago: Fellowship in Urban Studies (1972)

  • National Council on the Arts: Travelling Fellowship (1970)




  • AIA Committee on Education - Member (1970-1972)

  • American Institute of Architects - Member (1986-1992)

  • Environmental Defense Fund Member (1968-1988); Benefactor (1988 -1992)

  • National Association of Industrial and Office Parks - Member (1989-1992)

  • National Association of Realtors - Member (1985-1992)




  • Licensed Real Estate Broker (1978-1998); Colorado #24907

  • Licensed Real Estate Sales; California (1993-2001)

  • NCARB Certified; (retired status) 1986 to 2017 - Certificate No. 34,887

  • Registered Architect; 1986 to present - Colorado #B2277

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