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The projects, events, programs, and services offered by Community Venture Partners address a variety of community, local and regional issues related to city, county and regional planning, community involvement, affordable housing, sustainable development, and social and environmental impacts of development.

The Activities of Community Venture Partners


  • Offering mentoring, public education seminars, special events, workshops, and speaking engagements on topics related to CVP’s charitable and educational purposes such as sustainable planning practices, green building, and affordable housing. These will often be undertaken in collaboration with community organizations, other nonprofit organizations, and colleges and universities, and other educational institutions.​

  • Offering expertise, technical assistance and services related to zoning, sustainable planning and development, feasibility and financial analysis, affordable housing, local policy incentives and implementation methods, and other areas of CVP’s particular expertise, to city, county and regional government agencies, community organizations, nonprofit organizations, corporations, NGOs and nonprofit foundations and donors.​

  • Offering and arranging for financial assistance in the form of fiscal sponsorship, grants, low-cost loans, investments, and other means to assist in the development and redevelopment of qualified projects, programs, and initiatives that further CVP’s charitable and educational purposes.​​

  • Publishing educational articles, research, and independent studies to help community groups, nonprofit organizations, and municipal agencies better facilitate their planning, affordable housing, and development goals.

  • Litigating on behalf of the public's interest when required to achieve equitable outcomes.

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Limits of CVP Activities


  • CVP does not engage in or provide professional services for a fee, such as architectural design services, engineering, legal fees, project cost estimating, building construction or general contracting, or real estate brokerage and sales, real estate appraisal, or other such licensed and regulated services related to real estate development. However, CVP can provide advisory services and referrals in these areas as needed.


  • CVP does not engage in the ongoing business of managing or operating affordable or low-income housing or other real estate interests, or real estate rentals or leasing, or tenant selection, or maintenance operations or other services related to property management. 

  • CVP does not generally act as the real estate developer of properties except to the extent that we are engaged in promoting better planning and development solutions, and engaged in conceptual design, development funding and through strategic development partnerships.


  • CVP does not generally engage in “economic development” as that term is defined in the IRC.


  • CVP does not engage in political advocacy or religious advocacy as defined under IRS 501(c)(3) regulations.


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