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CVP Donor & Investor Services

Community Venture Partners helps donors, foundations, socially conscious investors, financial advisors and investment professionals to find meaningful opportunities to participate in projects and initiatives that address their financial and philanthropic goals.

Donor Advised Funds

CVP offers Donor Advised Fund Accounts to qualified donors who seek to maximize the impacts of their charitable giving. 


We work to understand the philanthropic goals of each individual to help ensure that the outcomes of their grantmaking matches the donor's specific needs and objectives.

Please note: Donor Advised Fund services are temporarily unavailable for new accounts.

Social Impact Investing

Social impact investing, sometimes referred to as "triple bottom line" investing (offering financial, environmental and social returns), is changing the way capital is allocated for doing good, around the world.


By mixing for profit investment with nonprofit grants and sponsorships, using "hybrid" financial models, CVP seeks to redefine how projects and initiatives can be financed: projects and initiatives that otherwise would not be feasible using either approach alone.

Fiscal Sponsorship

CVP provides fiscal sponsorship services for organizations working on projects that align with CVP's charitable, tax exempt purposes. 


Fiscal sponsorship occurs when a registered nonprofit organization agrees to "sponsor" an activity or initiative of a third party organization. Fiscal sponsorship allows donations and gifts to the sponsored entity's project to be tax deductible to their donors. 

Advisory Services

Services to small nonprofit organizations and community groups are generally free of charge to the extent feasible. Services to for profit organizations and initiatives and government entites are at or below market rate, determined on a case by case basis. 



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