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Goals & Objectives


Community Venture Partners is committed to addressing the need for a robust "bottom-up" planning process to better incorporate and empower under-served community voices into decision making by local, regional, and state governments.

The Goals of Community Venture Partners


  • To increase the access and dissemination of educational information about sustainable planning and growth to better serve the needs of the general public, community organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.


  • To assist community organizations, NGOs, nonprofit foundations, and municipal governments in more effectively harnessing the financial resources of private capital and private sector development interests, to better serve those most in need.


  • To stimulate greater private sector collaboration in local planning, development, redevelopment, and preservation opportunities that demonstrate the highest principles of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


  • To increase community engagement in the local planning, development, and redevelopment decision making process through improved methods of outreach, communications, and feedback assessment.


  • To promote green building design and sustainable development. This includes the use of sustainable materials, in-depth “life cycle” and “supply chain” analysis to properly evaluate long term environmental impacts, community benefits, consideration of the “natural capital” costs (value of natural resources consumed), and other environmental consequences of development and redevelopment.


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