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Other Projects

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New Tech Aquaponic LLC

Feeding communities in need

Sustainable, Low Impact, Community-Serving Development.


Integrating sustainable farming into the fabric of our communities.


Socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable development.

Cutting edge technology and agricultural research to produce abundance.

Commitment to food security - Donating $100,000 in free, fresh produce, every year, to those most in need in the community in which we are located.

Hamiton Field

Preserving Novato

doGoodr Technology

Search / Match Solutions

Complete Communities

Better Data - Better Planning

The Complete Communities

Pilot Project


The CVP Complete Communities Project implements community-driven methods of addressing unique planning and affordable housing needs in pilot communities.


Using "bottom up," community driven process ensures the development of the types of housing communities actually need to "complete" their communities for the benefit of all residents.



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