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Advisory Services

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Community Venture Partners provides advisory services to nonprofit and for profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals to assist them with planning and community engagement for projects whose outcomes align with CVP's charitable and tax exempt purposes.



The Importance of Making Good Decisions


Planning and development decision making has never been more complex or more demanding of a multi-disciplinary approach. As the costs of development increase and land values rise and the number of opportunity sites become more scarce, it has become more critical than ever that municipal planning and development proposals be well-conceived, inclusive of broad-based community input, and truly sustainable. A significant development project will have impacts on the community for decades. The long term negative impacts of poor planning, or planning that does not take into consideration the environmental, economic, and social impacts, cannot be under estimated.


Community Venture Partners, working with its partners and advisors, can assist in achieving a more productive public process and arriving at more successful outcomes.


Cost of Services


Services to small nonprofit organizations and community groups are free of charge to the fullest extent possible. Service to for profit organizations and initiatives and government entities are at or below market rate, to be determined on a case by case basis.




​Community Venture Partners, Inc. does not provide investment advice, tax advice, brokerage services, insurance services, or underwriting services, asset management, property management, construction management, architecture and engineering or other such services. Donors and other participants are advised to seek the services of properly registered and licensed professionals to assist them in their decision making.



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