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Projects & Initiatives

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CVP Projects


The CVP employs community-driven,  "bottom up," community driven processes to promote the development of the types of housing communities actually need to "complete" their communities for the benefit of all residents.



"New Suburbanism" is a new way to look at planning, growth and land use. It incorporates a "bottom up" locally driven process that enables communities to solve their most growth, affordable housing and planning challenges in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable way.
New Suburbanism reaches back into history to suggest future methods we can employ to address our real housing, planning and social equity needs.

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The Marin Post


CVP believes that citizen journalism is an area that deserves ongoing support. Toward that end we are currently developing a new citizen journalism web magazine called The Marin Post


Even in our digital age, good journalism remains one of the most powerful forces for social and political change.  Citizen journalism and communications have been a major catalyst for many of the positive public policy changes we've witnessed to date. 

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