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doGoodr Search/Match Technology Solutions



doGoodr search / match technology was launched as the backbone of a web-based community in June of 2009. doGoodr's unique search / match software capabilities are now available to third party users as private labeled web-based or mobile applications. CVP is now offering this technology to third parties.



















doGoodr search / match technology solves a fundamental problem with large, user-generated content, database applications in a very lightweight and flexible way. Often developers must choose between speed of search results and the accuracy of those results when external metrics such as popularity and page traffic are unavailable or of low utility. doGoodr search / match results offers the speed of text search engines along with the accuracy and utility of often time consuming SQL/MYSQL search solutions.


Offers your users: 

(1) Lightening fast search and match results regardless of database size or the number of simultaneous users; 

(2) The ability to match user interests and passions with specific information, events, people and actions, and vice versa, without elaborate advanced search requirements. 

(3) Elegantly prioritized lists of results sorted in the order of their relevance to the users query. 


If you are in need of a way to facilitate interaction and discoverable connection amongst a wide range of user types or members of a specialized web-based community, doGoodr technology can provide a search and match solution that is unparalleled. doGoodr technology is open source and easily adaptable to most existing technology platforms.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation and demonstration of our technology's capabilities, please contact us.


All rights to doGoodr technology and trademark were assigned to Community Venture Partners, Inc. in March of 2015.

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