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The Hamilton Fund

Community Venture Partners is working with Preserve Novato and other community groups in their efforts to ensure that community land is used for its intended public purposes and not for commercial, for profit development. Toward that end CVP is offering advisory services and legal assistance.
The mission of Preserve Novato is to ensure that public parklands benefit all the residents of Novato, equally, and are used for purposes that appropriately preserve and enhance the security, character, and quiet enjoyment of the residents.
Currently, Preserve Novato is opposed to the proposal for a COMMERCIAL SPORTS PARK to be located on and around Hamilton Landfill 26 and adjacent to the new $300 million wetlands restoration area.
Preserve Novato opposes the project proposal recently submitted by the Marin Sports Academy, LLC, to the city of Novato in March 2015, including any alternative projects, so long as they are commercially-driven.
This subject property is well documented in the General Plan of the City of Novato for use as a public park and for purely public purposes. The current development proposal is inconsistent with the primary goals and values of the General Plan and as such, should not be approved by the City Council.

The CVP Community Fund is now accepting donations to support this effort through the Hamilton Fund, in order to cover costs of legal advisory services and the public education and outreach efforts associated with this project. 


CVP accepts donations in the form of cash, checks, credit / debit cards, as well as donations of other liquid assets such as stock and bonds. Please contact us to make special arrangements for donations other than cash.




CVP Community Fund


The CVP Community Fund is assisting local community groups throughout Marin County, including the Friends of Corte Madera, Strawberry Residents, the Organized Residents of Marinwood, and many others.

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